PhD and Postdoctoral Research

There are many paths to joining the lab for PhD and postdoctoral research.

For PhD students, first find an affiliated graduate program that meets your background and interests. You may apply to multiple programs.

For PhD and postdoctoral applicants, it is important that you seek external funding. Not only will writing the application help you sharpen you research focus, but having a fellowhip will allow you more flexibility and independence in your research. Otherwise, it is critical that you discuss whether lab funding is available.

Affiliated Graduate Programs

Fellowships and Training Programs

All PhD applicants are expecte to apply for external fellowhips such as:

Hertz Foundation Fellowship

There are also internal training programs offering fellowship support for graduate students:

NSF training program in Healthcare Robotics offers 2 year fellowhips for incoming Robotics PhD students

• NIH training program in Clinical Research: offers 2 year fellowship for PhD student interested in completing a Masters of Science in Clinical Research at Emory

Fellowships Awarded

Here is a partial list of fellowships awarded to trainees in the lab:

Jessia Allen, Emory Neurology T32 Fellowship, NiH NRSA F32 Award

Aiden Payne, GT/Emory NIH Computational Neuroscience Fellowship, Fulton County Housing Authority Fellowship in Aging Research

Kim Lang, Emory/ACTSI TL1 Clinical Research Fellowship

Kyle Blum, GT/Emory NIH Computational Neuroscience Fellowship, NIH NRSA F31 Award, GT BME Zebrowitz Award for Brain Research

Jeff Bingham, Georgia Tech President's Fellowhip, 2003

Keith van Antwerp, GT/Emory NSF IGERT Fellowship 2008-2010; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2010-2013 

Stacie Chvatal, GT/Emory NSF IGERT Fellowship 2005-2007; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2008-2011 

Torrence D.J. Welch, Georgia Tech FACES Scholar, 2003-2007

J. Lucas McKay, Georgia Tech President's Fellowhip, 2003

Gelsy Torres-Oviedo, Emory HHMI Teacher Scholar Award, 2006