Unsolicited advice

Here is some unsolicited advice for people at all levels in academic research.

Remember that storytelling as well as scientific rigor is important.

'Eight reasons I rejected your article'

'Eight reasons I accepted your article'

Being a successful graduate student

• Here is a cynical paper whose lessons still apply. Warning: make sure you read the non-cynical rebuttal at the end.

• How to read a lot of papers

How to seriously read a scientific paper

• How to critically review a paper

Academic job search advice

Some easy-to-read slides about preparing for your job search:

Preparing for your job search

Writing a research statement

Preparing for your academic job interview

Here is a video of a presentation I gave to the GaTech Society of Women Engineerings on getting a job in academia.

This is a very old document  (i.e. are Xerox machines available?) about how to handle yourself in a job interview.

Running an academic research lab

Some thoughts about running an interdisciplinary, collaborative, lab meeting