Software Sharing

Non-negative matrix factorization tutorial and Matlab code

This is companion material for a chapter entitled “Muscle synergy analysis for posture and movement: methods and interpretation” by Ting and Chvatal, in Progress in Motor Control, Danion and Latash, eds., 2010. We use intuitive tutorials to compare the different properties of principal components analysis and non-negative matrix factorization in the decomposition of electromyographic data.

Wavelet-based functional ANOVA Matlab code

Companion material for a manuscript entitled ” Statistically-significant contrasts between EMG waveforms revealed using wavelet-based functional ANOVA” by McKay et al 2013.

wfANOVA Matlab Code

McKay et al. 2013 

Neuromechanic simulation software

This program was developed by Nate Bunderson, and is being developed for release to the research community. Automated linearization, stability analysis, and forward simulation used in Bunderson, Burkholder, and Ting 2008.